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What are the basic tests performed on a car?2015-05-04T19:22:51-04:00
  • Testing for DTS’s (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), using PCM Scanner.
  • Testing Pressure, to find out if you have the right fuel pressure test with gauge on fuel rail.
  • Check for vacuum leaks, listen for obvious leaks.
  • Check for plugged exhaust system.
  • Test for weak ignition spark.
  • Checking transmission/clutch slippage.
What is a normal range of fuel pressure on fuel injection cars?2015-05-04T19:21:42-04:00

It is between 35 and 65 pounds per square inch (psi) on most vehicles.

How do I check my Brake fluid?2015-05-04T19:20:42-04:00

By looking at the master cylinder and comparing the full line with the fluid level.

How do I put air in my tire?2015-05-04T19:20:17-04:00

Always maintain the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. Tire pressures are usually indicated on your vehicles identification sticker on the driver door jam.

What maintenance guidelines should I follow to avoid costly repairs?2015-05-04T19:19:25-04:00

Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual for your type of driving. Some repair shops create their own maintenance schedules, which call for more frequent servicing than the manufacturer’s recommendations. Compare shop maintenance schedules with those recommended in your owner’s manual. Ask the repair shop to explain – and make sure you understand – why it recommends service beyond the recommended schedule.

How to Choose a Qualified Certified Technician ?2015-05-04T19:18:44-04:00

Look for shops that display certifications – like an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) seal. Certification indicates that some or all of the technicians meet basic standards of knowledge and competence in specific technical areas.

Do you provide towing service?2015-05-04T19:18:14-04:00

Yes, you just call us to make the necessary arrangements to help you with your car.

Are you bilingual in Spanish?2015-05-04T19:17:38-04:00

Yes, our representatives are fluent in both English and Spanish.

Do I need to setup an appointment?2015-05-04T19:16:43-04:00

Not necessarily. If you bring your car without appointment we will take your car in the order it was received. You can also setup an appointment to separate a spot and get a better estimated time your car will be ready.

Can I use my credit card to pay for the service?2015-05-04T19:16:22-04:00

Yes, we accept most of the well know credit card companies. Any further questions you may have, please give us a call we are more than happy to answer your call.

Do you offer a free diagnostic?2015-05-04T19:15:51-04:00

Yes, you are welcome to bring your car to our shop for a free diagnostic.

Why is my check engine light on?2016-10-20T17:38:46-04:00

A glowing or flashing Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light alerts you to problems in your vehicles on board diagnostic system that should be checked out as soon as possible. Many times you won’t notice a difference in your vehicles performance, but can cause failure of a major electronic component. On board diagnostics systems are very complex and require a fair amount of expertise as well as special tools to troubleshoot. Here at Forever Transmission Auto Repair we have the latest diagnostic tolls to better troubleshoot you vehicle.

Why my headlights don’t come on2015-05-04T19:10:03-04:00

If both headlights are out at the same time, the problem is likely to be electrical. The problem can consist of a blown fuse, bad connection, faulty wire, bad switch or short circuit. If a blown fuse accurse, possibility can be either of those problems. We at Forever Transmission Auto Repair specialize in electrical problems. Our technicians are knowledgeable in electrical repair.

Why doesn’t my power window work?2015-05-04T19:09:37-04:00

Many times a power window will only roll up. Or just down. Or do nothing at all. If there is an issue with the flow of electricity to the power window. These problems may happen. Window doesn’t do anything when using the switch. Only rolls up or down. Many times the switch has false contact and doesn’t allow the circuit to continue to the motor/regulator that drives the window up and down. The motor/regulator can be damaged and doesn’t function correctly, Blown fuse, short circuit. Whichever occurs. We can fix it. By diagnosing the problem and fixing it right the first time.

Why did my battery light come on?2015-05-04T19:09:06-04:00

The battery light comes on when there is a problem in the battery charging system. Because your car is so dependent on the battery all cars have a battery light on the dashboard that is designed to warn you if the charging system fails. A simple circuit reads the voltage that the alternator is producing and turns the battery light on if it’s too low. If the battery light stays on while you’re driving, the most common problem is a broken, damaged or loose belt. Total failure of the alternator another possibility.

How much will it cost to have my transmission repaired?2015-05-04T19:04:08-04:00

The cost to repair or overhaul your transmission will depend on the condition of your transmission and what type of vehicle you drive. To determine the condition we must first perform our diagnostic pre-check, which includes a full road test and external examination. Most late model vehicles are electronically controlled and it’s possible that the symptom that you feel could be something other than a transmission problem. If that road test indicates an internal problem we may need to scan the computer and/or remove the pan and inspect internally. There may be a diagnostic fee for this service, please contact us to discuss your problem first. We always give you an estimate before we begin any repairs.

How does the transmission fluid work?2015-05-04T19:03:10-04:00

The transmission fluid serves to cool and lubricate. With an automatic transmision, the fluid transfers power, and provides necessary pressure to the intenal parts of the transmission. All of these functions are affected when the transmission fluid is leaking and is now low from that leak.

What causes delays going in gear?2015-05-04T19:02:41-04:00

A transmission leak is not something to ignore. The transmission fluid serves to cool and lubricate. With an automatic transmision, the fluid transfers power, and provides necessary pressure to the internal parts of the transmission. All of these functions are affected when the transmission fluid is leaking and is now low from that leak. As the amount of transmision fluid goes down, your transmission will start slipping which causes overheating resulting in damage to the transmission and ould ultimately require a major repair to enable the transmission to function problem. If you are leaking anything, give us a call, and we will do all we can to help put you safely back on the road, and give you the honest advice you need.

Do all transmission problems require rebuilding?2015-05-04T19:01:32-04:00

No. There are different kinds of problems, some of them can be quite simple. A good inspection will determine the kind of service you need.

What normally do you do when servicing a transmission?2015-05-04T19:01:10-04:00

The service includes replacing the filter or cleaning the screen, replacing the transmission fluid, performing a final leak-check, and performing a road test.

Can I drive with a transmission leak?2015-05-04T19:00:36-04:00

If you continue to replenish your fluid, you can continue to drive, but transmissions are designed to work normally until the fluid loss is approximately a quart or more. After loss of a quart the transmission wil begin showing abnormal operating symptoms.

How often should I service my transmission?2015-05-04T18:59:52-04:00

We recommend that you service your transmision every 15,000 to 20,000 miles.

Why did my transmission fail?2015-05-04T18:59:27-04:00

Most of the time it’s due to design flaws. These are failures that were not caused by abuse, misuse, lack of maintenance, or excessive mileage. A design flaw is characterized by a repeated failure in a specific area in any one type of transmission. Many products are available from the manufacturer and in the aftermarket to alleviate these problems.

Will it hurt to overfill the transmission?2015-05-04T18:58:29-04:00

No although, it is possible that gross overfilling can cause the fluid to be subjected to moving parts and become aerated which could cause abnormal operation. You may also notice leaks that ordinarily would not occur. The transmission case is vented preventing pressure buildup in normally un-pressurized areas. Severe overfilling can raise the fluid level such that the transmission may lose fluid through the vent or leak from the seals that are above the normal fluid level.

My transmission started leaking. Is this a minor or a major problem?2015-05-04T18:57:44-04:00

To give you an accurate diagnostic we need to see your vehicle. Many repairs can be corrected with minor adjustments or repair. However, small transmission problems need to be corrected before they grow into a major problem.

How often should I get a transmission fluid change?2015-05-04T18:57:02-04:00

Each manufacturer has its own specifications. It is advisable that you go by your owner´s manual recommendations.

How often should I have my transmission checked?2015-05-04T18:56:34-04:00

Consult your owner’s manual for recommended maintenance schedule. Practicing a preventive maintenance can extend your car’s and its transmission’s life. We recommend an annual check in order to catch little problems before the big ones.

My car is slipping; do I need a new transmission?2015-05-04T18:39:19-04:00

There may be different issues that can cause a transmission to slip, from minor computer glitches to major transmission failures. A computer diagnostic service will isolate the problem, in most cases a new transmission is not required