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/General Auto Repair

What are the basic tests performed on a car?

2015-05-04T19:22:51+00:00May 4th, 2015|

Testing for DTS’s (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), using PCM Scanner. Testing Pressure, to find out if you have the right fuel pressure test with gauge on fuel rail. Check for vacuum leaks, listen for obvious leaks. Check for plugged exhaust system. Test for weak ignition spark. Checking transmission/clutch slippage.

How do I put air in my tire?

2015-05-04T19:20:17+00:00May 4th, 2015|

Always maintain the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure. Tire pressures are usually indicated on your vehicles identification sticker on the driver door jam.

What maintenance guidelines should I follow to avoid costly repairs?

2015-05-04T19:19:25+00:00May 4th, 2015|

Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual for your type of driving. Some repair shops create their own maintenance schedules, which call for more frequent servicing than the manufacturer’s recommendations. Compare shop maintenance schedules with those recommended in your owner’s manual. Ask the repair shop to explain – and make sure you understand [...]

How to Choose a Qualified Certified Technician ?

2015-05-04T19:18:44+00:00May 4th, 2015|

Look for shops that display certifications – like an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) seal. Certification indicates that some or all of the technicians meet basic standards of knowledge and competence in specific technical areas.

Do I need to setup an appointment?

2015-05-04T19:16:43+00:00May 4th, 2015|

Not necessarily. If you bring your car without appointment we will take your car in the order it was received. You can also setup an appointment to separate a spot and get a better estimated time your car will be ready.


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